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Atlantic Canada Marine Industries Hall of Fame


This special recognition was developed by the Navigator Magazine in partnership with Master Promotions Ltd. (producer of Fish Canada Workboat Canada) to pay a lasting tribute to those who have made valuable contributions in any sector of the marine industry. Awards are presented in three categories: Mariner (anyone who works or has worked on the water in any marine industry); Processor (anyone involved in the business of processing, from line workers to company owners); and Builder (recognizing those who have made contributions without having directly participated, i.e. industry advocates, organizers, boat builders, etc…)

New inductees to be honoured in 2018 are:

  • MARINER: Egbert Boertien, Prince Edward Island
  • PROCESSOR: Russel Jacob, New Brunswick
  • BUILDER: Roger Sark, Prince Edward Island

Scroll down for the stories behind this year's inductees.

MARINER: Egbert Boertien, Prince Edward Island

86-year-old Boertien passed away on January 2, 2018. His award will be presented posthumously, to the colleague who nominated him for the award.

Egbert (Bert) Boertien immigrated to Canada from Holland in 1950, joining his brother Stoffer Boertien.

In 1953, Bert parked his tractor, left farming and went to sea. A fisherman named MacDonald operated a lobster vessel and offered him a job as a crewman. Despite having never been on the ocean except for crossing the Atlantic to come to P.E.I., Bert didn’t hesitate and without a second thought, he was a crewman on a lobster boat.  

A year later, Captain MacDonald became skipper of a dragger owned by Eastern Fisheries out of Souris and he must have liked Bert’s work because he immediately asked the young Dutchman to join him on the larger vessel. That was Bert’s first experience as a dragger fisherman and he liked it, so much, in fact, he stayed in that fishery for many years to come.

In 1959, Bert saved enough money to realize another big dream, the purchase of his own dragger. The MV North Bay was a 65-foot vessel and served Bert well for nearly a decade. He also operated a second vessel, the Polarfish, at the same time he owned the North Bay and soon began expanding his fleet.

He acquired the first steel stern trawler to ever fish out of Souris, the Howe Bay - a 92-foot vessel built in 1964.

In 1970, he bought a new and bigger vessel, the Souris IV. He fished the Souris IV for a few years, but another opportunity came along and Bert decided to change his status. Usen Fisheries was the big fish company in Souris at the time and as a vertically integrated company, Usen owned its own fleet of draggers. Usen added the first mid-water trawler to its Souris fleet in 1973 and asked Bert if he would be first mate on the MV Winchester. Bert liked the challenge of mid-distance trawling and accepted. Soon afterwards, he became a captain with the Usen fleet.

Years later, he decided to go back to the simpler, inshore fishery and purchased the St. Charles II, a 52-foot dragger, from which he could make shorter fishing trips from Souris Harbour.

He retired from the fishery at age 59 due to a serious back injury, but that did not end his involvement with the fishery. Bert taught at Holland College and was involved with the UMF, the Atlantic Groundfish Advisory Committee, the Eastern Fishermen’s Federation, the Prince Edward Island Fishermen’s Association and the Eastern Kings Fishermen’s Association. He was the leader in building the ice plant in Souris, as well as the travel lift and the marina for pleasure boats.

Sadly, 86-year-old Boertien, passed away on January 2, 2018. The P.E.I. fishing industry misses his presence and leadership.

PROCESSOR: Russel Jacob, New Brunswick

Russel Jacob is the President and Owner of Westmorland Fisheries Ltd., a lobster processing company founded in 1975. The company primarily produces frozen lobster products under the Rocky Point brand for customers in North America, Europe and Asia. 

He was born on February 8, 1974 and is a graduate of Holland College’s Program in Aquaculture and Technology in Prince Edward Island. From 1998 to 2005, he held various positions with Orion International Inc. as a seafood processing technician in processing plants all over the Maritimes, Quebec, Greenland, Thailand, China and Denmark, acquiring valuable technical and operational expertise in the industry. 

Prior to that, in 2005, he worked for North Nova Seafoods, a lobster, crab and herring processor in Pictou, Nova Scotia. In 2006, prior to joining WFL, he worked as Production Manager for Madelimer in Grande-Entrée, Ile-de-la-Madeleine, Quebec.  He joined Westmorland Fisheries Inc. as Production Supervisor and in 2010, acquired the company after the passing of long-time owner Yvon Gaudet. 

Today, he directs the company’s sales, operations and procurement, in addition to setting the overall strategic direction for the company. 

In 2016, the company embarked on a $10-million expansion and modernization to position the firm as a world leader in lobster processing. The project involved a significant investment in new technology and equipment to produce new lobster products and improve productivity and efficiency. Westmorland has also been bolstering its sales team in recent years with the acquisition of Trico Seafood and the opening of a sales office in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. In 2017, Westmorland was recognized as one of the Top 25 Seafood Suppliers in North America by SeafoodSource.

Russel and his wife Véronique reside in their hometown of Cap-Pelé, New Brunswick with their three children: Zachary (11), Xavier (9) and Rubie (6).

BUILDER: Roger Sark, Prince Edward Island

As a Mi’kmaq growing up on the Paqtnkek Mi’kmaq Nation, Nova Scotia, Roger Sark learned early from community elders and harvesters of the cultural importance of fish, game and land to the Mi’kmaq Nation people.

He would assist his uncle in winter harvesting eels and selling them door to door at different Mi’kmaq communities from Paqtnkek to Eskasoni. During the spring and summer, they fished and raked blueberries and during the fall they would hunt, cut and sell firewood. They would also make Christmas wreaths to sell at shopping mall parking lots from Antigonish to Halifax.

After graduating from Antigonish East High School, Roger was accepted to UPEI where he graduated with an Economics major. In 1992, he started work for the Abegweit First Nation, Prince Edward Island, where he started as a labourer, bus driver, receptionist and then in 1994 he became the Commercial Fishery Coordinator for the communities comprising Abegweit.

Roger initiated and administered the community’s two fishing fleets, including lobster, rock crab and herring. After the Marshall decision, eight additional fleets were added and presently, Roger administers 10 fleets fishing lobster, snow crab, rock crab, spider crab, mackerel, Bluefin tuna, cod, halibut, eels, clams, oysters and silverside, employing more than 40 community members.

In 2003, Roger completed an advanced post-graduate diploma as a computer programmer/program analysist and an accounting diploma from Holland College and later he finished a Commercial Fishery Enterprise Management program with NSCC.

Roger’s entrepreneurial spirit and his commitment to Mi’kmaq Treaty Rights to access fish, game and land saw him start up various businesses providing new training and employment opportunities for his community, including Rocky Point Harbour View Cottages (2001), Abegweit Software (2004), Redstone Auto & Marine (2010), Redstone Seafood (2010), Abegweit Biodiversity Enhancement Hatchery (2012) and Abegweit Conservation Society (2015).

Over the past seven years, Roger was principal in creating a total of 48 new full-time and seasonal jobs for his community. He is currently involved in protection, enhancement and aquaculture projects that will provide additional long-term jobs.

Roger is very proud to sit on various committees to protect and enhance Mi’kmaq Treaty Rights, including the Assembly of First Nations National Fishery Committee. He was also awarded the Fishery Business Person of the Year in 2016 by the Atlantic Policy Congress of First Nations Chiefs Secretariat.

Roger currently resides on the Rocky Point Reserve on Prince Edward Island. He enjoys family times with his wife Deanna and has five children; Jake, Kamryn, Michael, and Janine Bernard and Greg Bernard both of Paqtnkek.

Show Specials/Innovative Products

Take a look at the many sales, specials and innovative products that will be available at the show from our exhibitors.



Genrep is proud to announce the new partnership with Moteurs Baudouin. Through Genrep’s Maritime dealer network, we will now be offering another internationally renowned marine engine into the Canadian market. Baudouin marine engines have been around since 1918, and from the very start were manufactured to be marine engines. Baudouin’s only market is the marine industry, which has kept them at the forefront of marine engine technology over the past century. Baudouin is known for offering genuine marine designs made to handle the most extreme conditions, optimized for maintenance simplicity with best in class fuel consumption. Baudouin propulsion engines range from 130HP – 1650HP.





Stormline Milford JacketStormline Milford Bib & Brace

The Milford 249 foul weather fishing jacket is built for comfort and durability. Made with 630 gsm PVC, the jacket is designed to to be comfortable and to withstand the harshest environments. The jacket is also a unisex design. The grey/neon colours are designed for safety and to look good as well.

The Milford 649 foul weather fishing pants is a unisex design with a high back, elasticated waist and adjustable side gusset on larger sizes for comfort and durability. The 649 includes knee pads as standard and a reinforced 2 layer 630 gsm PVC front. A highly comfortable bib and brace designed for all conditions.




Quartermaster Marine will have the new 2018 Boston Whaler 170 Montauk. This is a new hull design for 2018.


Quartermaster logo



The PSS PRO Shaft Seal is a mechanical face seal similar to the PSS Type A Seal, except that it features a more robust bellow to handle commercial operations. A seal is created by the flat surfaces of the rotating stainless steel rotor and the stationary carbon flange. The stationary carbon flange is connected to a heavy duty bellow which is attached to the vessels stern tube (shaft log). A stainless steel rotor is fit on the shaft in front of the carbon flange, which is used to compress the bellow before the collar is secured to the shaft with set screws. This compression (pre-load) maintains contact between the faces and allows the PSS to compensate for the thrust from the propeller. The carbon flange is bored larger than the shaft diameter allowing it to "float" around the shaft and thus compensate for most misalignment and vibration problems. The stainless steel collar is sealed to the shaft by two o-rings that are recessed into the bore of the collar. These o-rings rotate with the shaft and stainless steel rotor and do not experience wear during operation.




The world’s smallest precision baiter, the VestTek from Fiskevegn AS is set to be the ‘missing link’ in longline fishing taking a mid-spot between hand baiting and large high-cost longline precision baiting machines.  Aimed specifically at the 5000-8000 hook sector, the VestTek takes up very little space onboard and is extremely efficient; baiting percentage is satisfyingly high, in-line with expectation and more than matching that of much larger machines that require higher investment and substantial vessel space.

VestTek has undergone indepth testing on board two test vessels with final confirmatory testing about to get underway on two further vessels.  Fiskevegn thinks that this latest model may also encourage younger recruits to the industry as it is set to take the manual grind of hand baiting out of this vessel sector.

VestTek has already attracted much interest from the industry and a healthy order book is developing; it is anticipated to come to market in the early part of 2018.




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  • New Bering Winter -50 and the New CSA All-Terrain Summer Boot (Four Colors available)
  • Waterproof Lightweight PU
  • CSA Metal Free- Composite Toe and Plate
  • Comfortable Removable Insole
  • Excellent Boots for Commercial Fishing and Processing

Bering-50 WinterAllTerrainBlue



This new plastic lobster trap has been in the engineering, design, patenting and prototyping stages for the last year and a half. Early this summer we acquired an Experimental / Scientific Lobster Fishing License, issued by DFO, to realistically field-test these plastic traps in comparison with traditional wire mesh traps over the past few months. We had amazing results.

We plan to refine the prototypes, with minor improvements, and then conduct testing with local fisherman in different LFA’s this winter and spring. We will also be working with two universities here in the Maritimes to conduct independent testing and provide supportive reports and footage on their experimental testing.

Going forward, in mid to late 2018 we will start production of these new lobster traps and then commence releasing these traps to market and fishermen.

plastic lobster trap


GLOVES 90-2512 , 90-486T, 90-2812

90-2512- nitrile glove90-486- thermal nitrile glove90-2812- pvc & nitrile - insulated glove



DSS Marine will be entering names of those who order a liferaft at the show, into a draw for a chance to win their purchase.

Logo - DSS Marine



2008-10-18 11.07.09   IMG_0737



Usually twin input gears are installed with larger vessels such as offshore platform supply or ships, Finnøy offers this for as little as  2 x 500 hp.

Normally vessels requiring more than 700 hp have to install a single larger diesel, which usually is no longer based mass-produced as many truck- or agriculture based engines such as Volvo Penta, John Deere or Cummins and Cat up to 15 liter. These are typically less expensive and less costly to repair and maintain, but limited in power when looking at heavy duty ratings. With two engines working on one propeller, it the powerplant can provide double the power.

With a twin engine package the vessel also is safer in case of an engine failure. The twin can power the vessel on it’s own, which at ½ power can still finish the trip safely.

The twin-input gear can be provided with several PTO’s offering an option to drive the hydraulics as well as a generator, i.e. a smaller or no genset at all may be needed.



Waterproof, yet breathable, SHOWA's insulated 406 provides exceptional grip and a premium fit in the most extreme environments. From engineering to end use, our gloves are created better to perform better.

SHOWA 406_back_right



Grader CT 1014 - 2   Grader CT 1014

The Grader CT 1014 is designed with lifelong basic adjustments, which also significantly prolongs the life of the clamping.

Box Folding Machine - CT1825   Box Folding Machine - CT1826

The unique Box Folding Machine folds 5 kg. cartons lids and bottoms for shell-on shrimp at a unprecedented speed and with a historically high precision.



Zipwake, the new, Dynamic Trim-Control System that’s set to revolutionize the boat world. Featuring an advanced, intuitive control system and a stunning new innovative design, Zipwake delivers a more comfortable ride, better performance and improved fuel consumption – whatever the conditions.




NewStar Marine introduces…. the Panga-Style work boat!

This tough, multi-use, ‘Panga-style' boat is uniquely designed with a heavily reinforced fibreglass hull and a high bow minimizing bow spray. The narrow beam allows fuel-efficient runs in shallow or deep waters with low horsepower. Its an open design with a shallow-draft. It’s durable and safe with foam filled bulkheads. Traditionally designed to use offshore / inshore as a work boat particularly in Central America, Asia and the Caribbean. Our work boat is versatile and tough enough for commercial fishermen and adventurers in large bodies of water. NewStar Marine is launching the CORVINA 225 package with a 4 Stroke EFI outboard & Galvanized trailer at the work show

See Newstar Marine Booth 553

NewStar Marine Panga



Launching the NEW Powerful Tohatsu 20 EFI

Boasting the honor of the lightest weight outboard in its class, Tohatsu’s newly designed MFS 20hp Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) is a great choice for a wide variety of boaters. Just because it is lighter in weight than our previous 20hp four stroke, doesn’t mean this model won’t deliver the same level of performance. This 20hp battery-less electronic fuel injection four stroke has exceptional torque and top end speed, with low vibration. We chose to build an EFI outboard because it has easy startup with no choke required and smooth, crisp acceleration throughout all RPM ranges. Another added benefit of an EFI versus our previous carbureted outboard is the fuel efficiency at wide open throttle, which allows you to go up to 50% farther on less fuel.

See Newstar Marine Booth 553

Newstar Marine Tohatsu